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Welcome To Falcon Travel Website...
Welcome to the fascinating world of ancient and modern Egypt. falcon travel invites you to the land of ancient beauty and variety ' unparallel in a land of desert landscapes ' peaceful farms ' towering buildings ' eternal monuments and relaxing beaches
A land where the warmth of the sun is reflected in the smiles of its people?
A land of markets ' offering the produce and wealth of the world to visitors ' residents and traders from around the world
The land of history and civilizations Pharaonic ' Greek byzantine Coptic and Islamic whose builders reached for the skies and built citadels of worship
Falcon travel Egypt invites you to share the lure of ancient Egypt and its intriguing magnificent civilization.
We are one of tour operators handling incoming tours earned a world class reputation for efficiency ' reliability and exceptional quality within on parelled personalized caring service and staff. who works twenty four hours for any emergency. Our goal is to provide our clients with an exceptionally pleasurable. Experience to cherish even for those critical and imaginative travelers.
Our commitment to providing you with the best dream vacation is our first priority
Therefore our latest models of buses and dealing with all categories of hotels diversify our tours to accommodate every individual taste ' however we can also customize our tours to fit your needs and your schedule
Needless to say ' such policy will greatly influence to overall success and continue to growth of our mutual business